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Super Mario Run: Release Date and all the tricks here


As many of you already know, during the conference that the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, happened on Sept. 7 showed, was also announced another surprise is that Mario’s favorite plumber fans Nintendo, would have its own title exclusively for iPhone and iPad, called Super Mario Run. So far, Nintendo had avoided Super Mario get consoles and had not taken any title for smartphones, so we were facing a very unexpected announcement.

But fans of the popular plumber ran out much information, because Apple did not just details , and no release date for the title, nor its price, and game information was given.But do not worry, because we are here today to tell you all that we have discovered.

Release date

According to related sources Nintendo , who have seen Tim Cook (the current CEO ofApple ) visiting several times to the headquarters of Nintendo in Japan, is believed to Super Mario Run will launch in the App Store this December, and that distribute simultaneously in 150 countries. Given that dates are very marked, the logical move would be that Apple did this earlier this month.

Super Mario Run out at the same time on iPhone and iPad , in a universal application that is only compatible with devices on the platform iOS , so if you buy your iPhone , you will also appear on your iPad , and your ID Apple is the same in both devices.

Super Mario Run Features

For now we know that Super Mario Run hack is a family game, and that his age will be recommended from 4 years. Regarding the gameplay, the game is a platformer classic style, in which the difficulty increases in each level, but adapted to the touch screen.The controls are limited to a single button, and Mario will move automatically from left to right, so you just have to take care to jump at the right time. But this does not mean you do not go to need skill, as there will be several types of jumps and special features.

The gameplay and interface are identical in both iPhone and iPad , so we will play in both cases with the horizontal screen, although it will be difficult to play with one hand, unless Let ‘s use an iPad MiniSuper Mario Run give us three game modes to choose: first is the normal mode, in which we spend the phases taking the highest score we can, and then we will have a way to compete with other players; but there will be a third way, which is a kind of editor in which we create our own kingdom using the coins that have been gathering during the first two modes.

Super Mario Run will not be exclusive to iOS

For now, Super Mario Run will be an exclusive title for iOS , but Nintendo has clarified that in the future the game will also be available for devices on the platform Android .No official date, but it is expected to be in early 2017. So if you’re a fan of the famous plumber, but you have iPhone , do not worry, because you will only need to have a little patience.


Super Mario Run is completely free, but will have the option of buying integrated within the application. From what we know so far, these integrated shopping will be oriented to buy extra levels, which will be locked in the free version of the game, but this has not yet been officially confirmed.

Super Mario Run hack should run smoothly on all devices with iOS 8.0 or higher, and in models of iPhone above the iPhone 5S . Regarding the iPad , the game will run on theiPad Air and higher, and the iPad Mini 3 and higher.

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