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Increase followers on Instagram: tips and tricks

how to get instagram followers free

Instagram is one of the social network of the most successful of the moment, a success mainly due to the fact that the interactions of this platform are even tens of times higher than those of the other company. Receive a “heart” and a comment from a stranger is not complicated for who knows how to use thehashtag and knows, of course, take pictures that capture attention and desire for interaction. Obviously not enough, however, sign up for instant success, those of you who already hangs on Instagram (or even Twitter) knows that having a number of important follower is something that takes time and work, which can be helped by some “tricks” really important that would allow you to gain many followers in a very short time.

Strategies to increase followers on Instagram

Use the best hashtag

This is the best way to grow and have content of success, to do this two things are necessary:

  • Captivating photos or videos
  • The right hashtag

Photos can earn as much thanks to the filters provided by the same apps for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile, and to popularize your photo or video you have to use the words not only more tied to the image itself, but also the most popular platform. To find the right one we will recommend the popular and highly acclaimed Tags For Likes , app that you can download from the store of your smartphone or link highlighted above, and already from the website shows you how some of the most popular hashtags, and advisable, to use the your photos ( #love #photooftheday # 20likes #amazing #smile # follow4followetc.).

Be careful not to overdo the number of hashtags used : more than 20 is not recommendable is because Instagram hashtag might label your image as an attempt to spam or because aesthetically the tide of hashtags under the photo may damage “the” picture of your profile.

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Comment on the images that you like

In a social network with lots of interactions put a heart to a photo it is likely to pass as an anonymous gesture, to stand out among the many then let thecomments of appreciation for the photo of your choice and you will receive the comment will read it and almost certainly most likely you will come to visit your profile to see your photos. If you find Popularity as did then you will likely be joined.

But avoid requests via Following comments, really appear as a search for a handout and may even go against your plans.

Follow 4 Follow

There are many, many applications that allow you to exchange your followers on Instagram, by registering your profile will be recommended to others from the app itself, and you in turn will receive the advice to follow others. Most users follow and the app will push your profile. But most recommend similar applications, which are quite useless since increasing the follower counter with followers who do not really interest your content may not have any impact on the interactions to your photos, the advice is to measure out the photos below the following hashtag:

  • # follow4follow
  • #followme
  • #instafollow

You will immediately receive a considerable number of new photos for followers but the rule to be followed in these cases is to reciprocate the Following to avoid that immediately after you lose the conquered followers in this way.

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Share at the right time (timing)

There are certain times that statistically allow you to communicate with a wider audience and have a lot more chance of success for your content, the best time to publish your photos and hope to increase followers on Instagram are certainly variable depending on the audience that you intend to achieve.For followers of the then Italian convenient hours are labeled from 15.00 to 17.00, or weekends; avoided the night, although in this case your profile will emerge more visible to eg Americans (having regard to the time zone). In short, choose well the busy times, of different nations, and intersecateli net of the world time zone differences.

Use the most popular filters

As well as statistically there are times when you can get the most interactions (comments, and hearts) it is also true that there are filters that are better than others, that statistically like best and help the success of your content. These filters are: Lomo-fi, Normal, Rise, Valencia, Amaro, Rise, EarlyBird, X-Proll, Hese .

Connect your Instagram account with Facebook

It seems trivial, but when you go on Instagram you will be asked if you link your account with Facebook: If you answer yes then all your Facebook friends are also on Instagram you will be invited to follow you to stay connected even with you on this new social network. E ‘ “good practice” to reciprocate, of course.

Better kittens? Or the food? Or..

Many believe that certain “types” of photos are better than others for the captured content. Not so: each profile, each shot and each photograph must be something I personally like before being shared. A photo of a cat is not necessarily receive more iterations than the picture of a sunset: the emotions conveyed by the photographs are always subjective and therefore feel free to capture what you see fit with your photos!

Pokémon GO GPS tricks (cheat) [ROOT]

pokemon go hints tips and tricks

The brand new Pokemon GO hack  is having so much success thanks to the new augmented reality game mode, which allows you to interact to 360 ° with the surrounding environment. Every Pokémon is in different places depending on their nature: those of water near the sea, lakes, etc., those of fire in hot places or in the presence of sand, iron ones close to stations, railways, and so on. In short, you have to walk, walk and walk again to find them all, and then not consider Pokéstop, the mileage required for hatching the eggs and everything else.

What if I told you can do everything from the comfort of home? Visit all the city or places even further away without moving a centimeter? The solution obviously exists and is running at  100% , but there are basically two risks. First, you have to have a little ‘experience with the root and Xposed Framework, because your device may undergo a  soft brick . The other problem concerns your Pokemon go hack game account, which could suffer a  ban .

It is rumored that the ban is not permanent, but only for a few hours; I do not know for sure, then, to you to choose whether to continue with the guide or not.As for the soft brick, however, the solution is there, but we will not discuss here otherwise the article would be endless. So, if your phone has the root and if you know what you’re doing , do a Nandroid Backup and flasha Xposed Framework, by downloading it from the link that will follow, along with the other necessary applications.

Pokemon GO Hack GPS for Android

First you need to install the Xposed installer, and the process depends on the version of Android on your smartphone:

  • Xposed Installer Android 4.0.3 -> Android 4.4 | Download
  • Xposed Installer Android 5.0 -> Android 6 |  Download (file attached to the first post)
  • Xposed Framework |  Download

The last link, choose sdk21 if you have Android 5.0, sdk22 if you have Android 5.1 and Android 6.0 sdk23 Marshmallow. So download and install the apk installer, following reboot into recovery and flasha the framework; if your phone is not yet exploded, you can continue driving.🙂

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Applications need to hack the GPS

There are dozens of applications able to falsify the GPS position and with some other function in the most useful even to simulate a shift from one position to another. In order for this to work, you must enable the Developer options on our Android device. To do this, traveled to  Settings -> About phone and quickly step on  Build number , until you will see a notification to alert you of the activation.

Now you can go back into  settings and over the item  About phone there Developer options . Log in this menu and try  Select app fictitious location . Here you have to choose the application that now we’re going to see.

NOTE: On older versions of Android, it should instead be called  Allow mock locations .

The application that I found perfect on my device is called  Mock Locations that perfectly simulates a false position but also the movement from one place to another, with the ability to set different routes, speed of movement, etc.

Install the application and, as explained before, select it for the fictional position Developer options. DO NOT start Pokémon GO! The game has a good anti-hack system designed to make it difficult to hack the GPS, and here comes Xposed Framework!

The last step to have the GPS on Pokemon go hack tricks is therefore to download a Xposed form on the Play Store, or  Hide Mock Locations .

Alternatively, a good application is  Lockito , free and with the same functions.

Download it via the badge and after installing Xposed start, then went on modules, click on Hide Mock Locations, GO Pokémon check and saves using the special yellow button at the bottom right. Go back and activates the module by clicking on the check mark to the right; Finally, restart your device

Now, to play, you will need:

  • set your phone’s GPS to High precision  in  only device (this is very important)
  • start Mock Locations and choose a place or a route with simple touches on the long desired locations
  • press play to start the fictitious position
  • Pokémon start Go and play from the new location!

for the hack tips

Do not choose the most remote locations on your position and not change positions often over long distances, rather simulates a walk in a given area. Do not use often the hack, if the application of fake GPS is not active and the GPS is set to High precision , the game will function normally.

This solution works perfectly with me, did you find it useful or not working? Let me know!

pokemon go hack